TGSS series scraper conveyor

TGSS series scraper conveyor

Capacity(t/h): 30-120
Power (kw): 2.2-7.5
Application: suitable for conveying powder feed and feed raw material in feed mill.

Introduction of TGSS series scraper conveyor:

TGSS series scraper conveyor is used to transport powder, coarse or fine materials horizontally or obliquely upwards, supports multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading, durable, stable operation, and low maintenance requirements.

TGSS series scraper conveyor
TGSS series scraper conveyor

A detailed explanation of the TGSS series scraper conveyor:

TGSS series scraper conveyor is a conveyor machine designed and produced by absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. The equipment adopts a high-strength scraper conveyor chain, and the guide rail adopts a new type of supermolecular polyethylene wear-resistant material as the guide rail liner, equipped with anti-blocking and breaking The chain alarm device has the advantages of long life, stable operation, low noise, good sealing, compact structure, and low energy consumption. It is widely used in feed mill production lines, granary, grain and oil, and other bulk material transportation industries.

TGSS series scraper conveyor (2)
TGSS series scraper conveyor (2)

TGSS series scraper conveyor structure:

TGSS series scraper conveyor is mainly composed of conveying trough, conveying chain, upper guide strip, supporting strip, head, tail, and transmission device. The conveying trough is a flat trough, the conveying chain is guided by the middle guide bar, and the conveying bar is carried, driven by the head wheel, and matched with the tail wheel to ensure the smooth rotation of the chain. The head wheel is driven by a motor, a reducer, and a roller chain.
The TGSS buried scraper conveyor also has the characteristics of dual-head drive, multi-point feeding and discharging, flexible process layout, and long conveying distance. The machine adopts a self-aligning ball bearing with a seat, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly and has good sealing performance.

TGSS series scraper conveyor (4)
TGSS series scraper conveyor (4)

The working principle of TGSS series scraper conveyor:

The TGSS series scraper conveyor works on the basis of the open chute as a bearing for feed, flour, or other powdery granular material, and fastens the scraper to a chain (forming the scraper chain) as a traction member.
TGSS series scraper conveyor is conveying equipment that uses a scraper installed on a traction member to drag materials along a fixed trough and discharge the materials at the opening.
The material that enters the machine from the feed port passes through the material divider so that the material enters the bottom of the machine slot from both sides of the scraper chain, and the scraper chain sends the material to the discharge port.

TGSS series scraper conveyor (3)
TGSS series scraper conveyor (3)

Product advantages of TGSS series scraper conveyor:

1. The body is short and easy to install.
2. It can run in the reverse direction, which is convenient to deal with bottom chain accidents.
3. It can be used as the fulcrum of the front section of the hydraulic support.
4. Simple structure, feeding or unloading at any point along the conveying length.
5. The casing is airtight, which can prevent dust from flying and polluting the environment when conveying materials.
6. When the tail is not set up the shell, and the scraper is inserted into the material pile, can take the material and transport it.

TGSS series scraper conveyor (5)
TGSS series scraper conveyor (5)

TGSS series scraper conveyor installation and commissioning:

1. The inclination angle of the installation position is ≤15°, and the foundation should be firm and reliable.
2. Assemble according to the order of the connection markings of each section of the casing at the factory. Ensure the horizontal level of the casing, especially the flatness of the inner wall of the casing, and do not allow the flange connection to have up and down, left and right misalignment to ensure the scraper. The smoothness of the chain operation.
3. The head wheel, tail wheel, and guide bar must be aligned to maintain a straight line, and the carrier bar must be level to ensure that the scraper chain does not run off during operation.
4. The scraper chain should have proper tightness, not too tight or too loose, and the unused stroke of the adjusted tensioning device should not be less than 50% of the full stroke.
5. The drive device frame must be firmly installed on the foundation and platform support, the driving shaft should be parallel to the output shaft, and the large and small sprocket should be fixed in the middle.
6. Adjust the steering of the motor so that the direction of the small sprocket is consistent with the running direction of the scraper chain.

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