Small feed pellet machine

Small feed making machine/Small feed pellet machine price

Power type:Electricity,diesel engine or petrol engine
Raw materials:grains powder,manure ,straw meal, alfalfa,rice husk,grass meal,sunflower,etc

Introduction of Small feed pellet machine:

Small feed pellet machine is also called Small feed making machine, mini feed pellet machine, and small pellet feed making machine. It belongs to pelletizing equipment. It has a variety of specifications to choose from, so the price of a Small feed pellet machine needs to be obtained from the manufacturer according to your needs.

Small feed making machine (1)
Small feed making machine (1)

Working principle of Small feed pellet machine:

When the small feed pellet machine is working, the raw materials are continuously and smoothly fed into the feeding chamber. The feed scraper evenly spreads the materials on the flat mold surface. At the same time, the main shaft drives the pressure roller to rotate. The friction force of the pressure roller forces the pressure roller to rotate around the pressure roller shaft again. The rotation of the pressure roller generates the squeezing force to force the material to be squeezed into the flat die hole. When the material overcomes the frictional resistance, the material to be formed will continue to the flat die. Extrude outside the hole, and finally cut into a certain length of particles according to the required length by the cutter installed on the main shaft, and finally throw out from the discharge tray.

Small feed making machine (2)
Small feed making machine (2)

Small feed pellet machine grinding disc selection application:

1. The ultra-fine 1.5 mm millstone is used for breeding miniature birds, aquatic animals such as: (aquaculture of shrimp, crabs, small fish, etc.). Need to be customized.
2. The 2.0 mm millstone is for breeding: parrots, thrushes, finches, and other pet birds. Need to be customized.
3. 2.5mm mill is breeding: young rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, bird, peacock, young aquatic fish and other small animals.
4. 3-4 mm millstones are breeding: rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, ducks, birds, peacocks, aquatic fish, etc. (3-4mm specifications have 3.0mm 4.0mm for your choice)
5. 5-6 mm millstones are breeding: pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs, pigs, and horses. (5-6mm specifications have 5.0mm, 6.0mm for your choice)
6. 7-12 mm (only models above 200 can be equipped with grinding discs above 7 mm) are generally used for making bait, large birds, mice and other large animals, which need to be customized. (7-12mm specifications are 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10mm, 12mm for your choice)
7. If you have special requirements, please note the diameter requirements of the particle machine grinding discs, and we will install, debug and ship according to your requirements.

Small feed making machine (4)
Small feed making machine (4)

Small feed pellet machine voltage selection:

The single/two-phase (220V) and three-phase (380V) power supplies of our pellet machine are suitable for use. Customers who have three-phase power at home suggest that you choose a three-phase power (380V) motor, because the three-phase motor is relatively two-phase The power of the phase motor should be stronger and the voltage more stable.

Small feed making machine (3)
Small feed making machine (3)

Small feed pellet machine prospects:

1. How to reduce the cost of feed and meet the nutritional needs of various livestock and poultry has become the primary problem to be solved urgently for the majority of farmers and the feed industry.
2. Straw biochemical protein feed technology is to use crop straws through technical measures such as crushing, fermentation, and granulation to soften the lignin, and the crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, etc. are degraded into substances that are easy to digest and absorb by poultry and livestock.
3. At the same time, a large amount of bacterial protein is produced during fermentation, and it becomes soft and sweet after fermentation. The use of Small feed pellet machine to pelletize increases the palatability of poultry and livestock. The average level of crude protein and amino acids will increase by 40.6% and 95.8. %, the levels of arginine, cystine, and histidine have also been greatly increased, and the content of sugar and fat has increased.
4. It also produces vitamins and growth factors such as B, D, E, and then mixes with other raw materials to make full-price feed. The mini feed pellet machine presses it into nutrient-rich feed pellets, which greatly increases the feed intake of poultry and livestock and accelerates their growth.
5. Using Small feed pellet machine to make straw into pellets not only reduces the input of grain (each ton of straw feed is equivalent to the nutritional value of 270 kg of grain feed), it also saves feed cost and increases farmers’ income.

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