Purpose of small corn grinder for chicken feed:

The crusher is mainly used to crush various feeds and various coarse feeds. The purpose of feed crushing is to increase the surface area of ​​the feed and adjust the particle size, increase the surface area to improve the palatability, and it is easy to contact with the digestive juice in the digestion side, which is beneficial to improve the digestibility. Better absorption of feed nutrients. Adjusting the particle size, on the one hand, reduces the energy consumed by livestock and poultry chewing, and on the other hand, it is more convenient for transportation, storage, mixing, and granulation, with better efficiency and quality.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (1)
Small corn grinder for chicken feed (1)

What is the crushing method of the small corn grinder for chicken feed method?

Crushing is a process in which external forces overcome the cohesive force between body molecules and break them. The basic methods are as follows.
1. Crushing: mainly relying on high-speed running parts, which will break due to impact. This method has high productivity, low heat generation, and less ash, which is suitable for additive brittle materials.
2. Quality crushing: Using the hard surface of the two original discs with tooth grooves, the feed is rubbed and broken. The advantage is that the manufacturing cost is lower, the power required is less, and the disadvantage is that the temperature of the ground feed is relatively low. High, too much powder, and the degree of fineness is not easy to control. Suitable for processing materials with greater plasticity.
3. Crushing: Two rollers with smooth surfaces are used to rotate relative to each other at the same speed to crush the feed. It is often used to flatten barley and other feeds for feeding large livestock.
4. Saw and shredding: The material is shredded by two grinding rollers with teeth on the surface and at different speeds. The advantage is that it is easy to dig the thickness, has a small amount of momentum, is convenient for storage, and is suitable for processing grain materials, cake slag, etc.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (3)
Small corn grinder for chicken feed (3)

Type and structure of small corn grinder for chicken feed

Disc grinder:

Its main working part is a pair of grinding discs. (One is fixed, the other is rotating), the working surface of the grinding disc is engraved with sharp grinding patterns, which are used to grind the feed. When working, the feed enters between the fixed and moving grinding discs by the feed hopper diameter flow regulator, and is discharged downward after the diameter is milled. The fineness of the material can be controlled by changing the gap between the grinding discs. This type of machine is only suitable for processing grain feed and crushed materials. The temperature rise is higher, and the iron content is also higher.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (6)
Small corn grinder for chicken feed (6)

Claw crusher:

It is composed of three parts: feeding, crushing fixed tooth disc, movable tooth disc, ring screen, and discharging. When working, feed enters the crushing chamber (advanced coarse crushing chamber, advanced coarse crushing chamber, In the middle crushing chamber, and then into the fine crushing chamber), the feed is discharged through the sieve holes and is hit by a strong hammer in the crushing chamber. The feed is gradually crushed into fine powder under the action of shear and rubbing between the movable and fixed teeth. The minimum gap of the fixed tooth is small (small-3.mm, large-9.5mm) and it is a fixed connection. Once the metal foreign body is entered, it is easy to break the fixed tooth and cause accidents. It is noisy during work and is suitable for processing concentrated feed. (Such as corn, events, etc.), it is not suitable for direct processing of coarse feed, but the stalks and vine feed that have been cut in advance can also be used for processing.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (7)

Roller mill

(1) Cake slag crushing machine: It is composed of a feeding plate, crushing roller, toothed plate, crushing roller and round screen, etc. When working, the crushing roller (the cutter head arranged in a spiral line is installed on it), The whole cake slag is cut into small pieces, which are further broken by the tooth plate, and then the broken pieces are further broken by the crushing roller and leaked out through the circular hole.
(2) Roller mill: It is composed of a frame, a feeding mechanism, a grinding roller brush, a transmission mechanism, etc. Its working part is a grinding roller, which can be made into a smooth roller or a toothed roller according to the purpose. The feeding hopper enters, and a thin layer is formed through the feeding roller to guide the working gap of the grinding roller. The material is crushed, and then the crushed material falls into the bottom of the machine and is discharged.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (5)

Hammer mill:

At present, the most widely used one. The quantity of kilowatt-hours products is high and the versatility is good. Some hammers and rotors are relatively connected. The particle size is uneven, and the powder is more. Its structure: feed mechanism, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, screen, tooth plate), discharge part (fan, collecting cylinder, dust collecting bag) three parts, working When the feed enters the crushing chamber from the feeding mechanism, it flies to the tooth plate under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer, and is hit by the hammer again after colliding with the tooth plate. At the same time, between the screen surface and the hammer, the feed again After being subjected to strong friction, the feed is gradually crushed under repeated blows, collisions, and frictions. The crusher without a fan uses the airflow in the crushing chamber to discharge the crushed material through the sieve holes. The pulverizer with fan, after the pulverized material is drawn from the sieve holes, the air in the mixed air flow is separated from the pulverization by a powder collecting device (such as collecting drum, dust collecting bag, etc.). According to the feeding method, the hammer or crusher can be divided into:
Tangential—The beverage is fed in the tangential direction from the crushing chamber, which has good versatility, not only crushing grains but also crushing small pieces of bean cake, chopped stems, and pasture.
Axial feed enters the crushing chamber from the main axis, which is suitable for crushing grains, but after installing the slices at the feed inlet, it can crush pastures, stems, etc.
Warp direction-the feed enters the crushing chamber from the top of the rotor, the rotor can be used in forward and reverse rotation, and the hammer can be replaced twice. It is mainly suitable for processing concentrated feed.

Small corn grinder for chicken feed (2)
Small corn grinder for chicken feed (2)

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