SFJH Series Rotary Screen

SFJH Series Rotary Screen

Capacity(t/h): 3-22
Power (kw): 3-5.5
Application: Suitable for the classification of granular materials, crushing materials and the two cycles of grinding process, as well as some particles, powder cleaning and grading treatment.

SFJH Series Rotary Screen introduction:

SFJH Series Rotary Screen can not only be used for the screening and grading of powdered materials or pellet feed in feed mills. It can also be used for the primary cleaning of raw materials in feed mills and the grading of intermediate products after secondary crushing in large and medium feed mills. In addition, it can also be widely used in the screening and grading of raw materials and finished products in various industries such as grain, food, chemical, sugar, mining, and papermaking.

SFJH Series Rotary Screen
SFJH Series Rotary Screen

SFJH Series Rotary Screen structure:

1. The driving device of the SFJH Series Rotary Screen includes a motor and a transmission box. The motor drives the eccentric block to rotate through the first-level V-belt drive shaft, thereby realizing the rotation of the front of the screen box.
2. The screen ship is composed of a top cover, a screen box, upper and lower screen frames, and a pressing mechanism. The top cover is a steel structure on the one hand to seal the screen box, and on the other hand to compress the screen frame. There are four observation windows on the top cover to observe the movement of the material and use it for maintenance.
3. The screen box is formed by riveting steel plates. It forms a closed structure with the top cover, and the materials are fully classified in it.
4. Composed of a compression handle, a compression mechanism seat, and a lock nut. The compression force can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the screw.
5. The screen frame consists of a wooden frame and a woven net fixed on the wooden frame and a jump ball used to clean the screen surface.
6. The stern support is composed of four groups of elastic nylon plates, which support the screened ship and limit the position.
7. It adopts the form of hanging and hanging installation. The sling is made of high-quality high-strength steel wire rope.

SFJH Series Rotary Screen (2)
SFJH Series Rotary Screen (2)

SFJH Series Rotary Screen working principle:

1. The screen ship with an inclination of 4 degrees of SFJH series rotary screen is driven by the drive box. Its motion trajectory is a horizontal circular motion at the feed end, gradually becomes an elliptical motion in the length direction, and finally becomes an approximate reciprocating linear motion at the discharge end.
2. The materials fed from the feed inlet are uniformly distributed on the entire screen surface under the circular motion of the screen body, and automatic classification is produced. So that the material layer below the smaller particle size of the material quickly screen, and above the larger particle size of the material to the end of the movement.
3. In the process of moving, since there is no agitation and vertical movement, the smaller particles are always close to the screen surface and can be screened at any time.
4. The discharge end, the movement of the screen body into approximately reciprocating linear motion, so that the screening effect gradually weakened, so that the particles larger than the size of the screen quickly move to the direction of the material, until the discharge machine, complete the whole screening of the material.
5. During the screening process, the constantly beating elastic ball can effectively prevent the material from blocking the screen holes and ensure the high efficiency of the screen.
6. The balance weight of the transmission box balances the inertial force in the forward and backward directions during the movement of the screened ship, thereby ensuring the balance of the screen movement.

SFJH Series Rotary Screen
SFJH Series Rotary Screen

Advantages of SFJH Series Rotary Screen equipment:

1. Low dust, low wire ion, low noise, and stable operation.
2. The installation is simple, flexible, and easy to maintain.
3. During the sieving process, because the material rotates evenly, the ellipse and the straight line reciprocate in three different areas. It can quickly and fully automatically classify, thereby increasing the classification output and achieving the screening effect.
SFJH Series Rotary Screen is an upgraded product and efficient screening equipment.

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