Ring die pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill/Ring die pellet machine

Capacity(t/h): 0.5-30
Pellet size(mm): 2-12
Application:Can be used for poultry,livestock,ruminants and aquatic pellet feed production.

Ring die pellet mill introduction:

Ring die pellet mill, also called Ring die pellet machine, is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, pelletizing, transmission and lubrication systems. The working process is to require a mixed powder with a water content of about 13%, enter the feed auger from the hopper (the auger speed is adjustable) and then enter the agitator, which is agitated by the stirring rod and mixed with steam to improve the blending powder. The temperature (60°~80°) and humidity (water content of about 15%) of the material are passed through the iron suction device through the chute to remove the iron impurities mixed in the powder material, and finally enter the pressing chamber for granulation.

Ring die pellet mill
Ring die pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill uses, applications and features:

1. Ring die pellet mill is the main machine for pressing pellet feed. It is suitable for large and medium-sized farms and small and medium-sized feed mills. It produces 2-5 tons of pellets per hour and can be used in conjunction with powdered feed mills with an annual output of 5000-10000 tons. .
2. Small size, power saving, low noise, adjustable feeding speed. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and stable performance.
3. It can be equipped with Φ2.5, Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ8 and other aperture molds, users can choose according to their needs, (generally Φ3 for chickens, Φ4.5-6 for pigs and fish, cattle and horses Φ6~Φ8). If necessary, users can also customize the die with Φ2 or larger aperture.
4. The machine is equipped with an iron suction device to prevent the mixing of iron impurities during the production process, and is also equipped with a safety pin device to protect against overload.

Ring die pellet mill (2)
Ring die pellet mill (2)

The main structure and working principle of Ring die pellet mill:

1. Feeder: The feeder is composed of auger shaft, stainless steel cylinder, reducer and speed regulating motor. The auger plays the role of material conveying, and the speed is adjustable. It is driven by the speed-regulating motor through the cycloid reducer to drive the auger shaft to rotate. The speed can be adjusted from 0 to 150 pm. The effective speed is 12 to 120 rpm. point.
2. Stirrer: It consists of a stirring shaft, blades, cylinder, reducer, and motor. The angle of the paddle blades is adjustable, and it plays the role of conveying and stirring. There is a steam inlet hole on the cylinder, and the steam sent from the steam pipe enters the agitator through this hole, mixes with the feed, and modifies the feed, which is beneficial to pelletizing. The stirring shaft can be drawn out from the left end of the cylinder for cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment of the blade angle.
3. Pressroom: The main working parts are composed of a press die, two press rollers, a feeding scraper, a cutter, and a die roller gap adjustment screw. The feed passes through the die and the feeding scraper, and the feed is sent to the two pressing areas. The hollow shaft transmission drives the die to rotate. The feed is drawn between the die and the roller, and the two relative rotating parts gradually squeeze the feed. , And squeeze into the die hole, form in the die hole, and continuously extrude to the outer end of the die hole, and then cut the formed feed into the required length by the cutter, and finally, the formed pellets flow out of the machine.
4. Main transmission box: It is composed of driving gear (tooth shaft), the driven gear (big gear), main shaft, empty shaft, box body, bearing, etc. The motor drives the driving gear shaft through the coupling and then drives the empty shaft to rotate by meshing with the passive helical gear. The left end of the empty shaft is fixed by the transmission wheel, key, hoop, and die to make the die rotate. The left end of the main shaft is the fixed bearing of the press roller, and the right end is equipped with an overload protection device. When a hard foreign object enters the pressing area or the material flow is too large, the pressure between the press mold and the press roller exceeds the normal working pressure, that is, the torque on the main shaft exceeds Under normal torque, the shearing force transmitted to the safety pin also exceeds its own strength limit. At this time, the safety pin is broken, the main shaft drives the safety pin seat to rotate, touches the travel switch, cuts off the power, and stops.

Ring die pellet mill (3)
Ring die pellet mill (3)

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