Rice husk feed pelletizer

Rice husk feed pelletizer/Rice husk pellet machine price

Power type:Electricity,diesel engine or petrol engine
Raw materials:grains powder,manure ,straw meal, alfalfa,rice husk,grass meal,sunflower,etc

Introduction of Rice husk pellet machine:

Rice husk pellet machine, also called Rice husk feed pelletizer, is a kind of rice husk, corn, bean cypress, straw, etc. as raw materials, and then directly compresses the raw materials into pellets. According to the different raw materials, it can also be called corn feed pelletizer. Feed pelletizer, etc.

Rice husk feed pelletizer
Rice husk feed pelletizer


Model KP-400 KP-600 KP-800
Output 1.8-2.5 2.5-3.5 4-5
Granulation rate >95 >95 >95
Particle temperature <30 <30 <30
Particle diameter 3-30 3-30 3-30
Power 30 55 75
Machine weight 1200 1800 2500

Rice husk pellet machine process:

Pour the mixed rice husk powder through the upper feeding port of the Rice husk feed pelletizer. The rice husk powder enters the machine and is cut into cylindrical pellets by a cutter through the roller extrusion pelletizer. Discharge from the bottom Outflow.

How to process rice husk into feed?

Rice husk powder fermented feed

In the rice husk powder as the main raw material, adding proper amount of rice bran, cellulose decomposing yeast, seed koji and ammonium monohydrogen phosphate, after fermentation and saccharification, can be processed into an ideal feed. The specific method is as follows: add 20kg rice bran, 3kg ammonium monohydrogen phosphate, 30kg water, 50kg seed koji and 100g cellulolytic enzyme to 100kg rice husk meal, stir it fully and evenly, and then incubate it indoors at 30C for 48 hours to get 145kg fermented feed. This kind of feed has high content of protein and alkali-nitrate compounds, good palatability, and fast weight gain, so it can be used as feed for livestock and poultry.

Rice husk powder extruded feed

The palatability and digestibility of rice husk powder are better than the original when used as feed after extruded rice husk powder. The operation method is: Take 500kg rice husk powder (12% moisture content), add 50kg water, and stir evenly. In addition, use an electric heater to heat the enclosed puffing device to 200C-230C, and then continuously add the wet rice husk powder to the puffing device, compress it for 10S at an average pressure of 1.5pax105pa, and then release the pressure instantly to obtain a soft texture. The mesh-shaped expanded rice husk powder is 500kg. The expanded rice husk can be directly mixed with compound feed, or it can be mixed into feed after crushing. The appropriate amount of water is 5%-20%.

Rice husk pellet feed

Add 7.5% by weight of honey and water to the rice husk powder, and use a Rice husk pellet machine to make cylindrical particles with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 7-20mm. The finished product is 1/6 of the unprocessed rice husk. Tests have shown that this feed can completely replace straw to feed cattle, and it is convenient to transport and store straw, thereby reducing the production cost in feeding, and the feeding amount is generally controlled within 20% of the weight of the concentrate.

Rice husk feed
Rice husk feed

Rice husk pellet machine prospects:

Rice processing enterprises will produce a large amount of surplus products of rice husk. In the past, the treatment method was to burn directly in the boiler, or burn in the boiler after pulverizing. It is also used as a feed additive after pulverizing the rice husk, but the direct combustion is due to its physical state. , Can not fully burn, will produce carbon and oxygen compounds, nitrogen oxides, and other polluting waste gas. It seriously affects the environment, so there are few places to go for rice husks. Many rice husks are piled up like mountains and cannot be processed in time. The use of rice husk to produce feed is an important aspect of waste utilization, so it has broad development prospects.

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