Poultry feed machine

Poultry feed machine / Poultry feed making machine

Capacity(t/h): 0.5-30
Pellet size(mm): 2-12
Control Mode:Automatic/Semi-Automatic/Manual
Application:Poultry Feed Industry.

Introduction of Poultry feed machine equipment:

Poultry feed machine is also called poultry feed making machine, feed machine for poultry, poultry mash feed machine. All equipment used for poultry feed manufacturing can be called Poultry feed machine / Poultry feed making machine.

Poultry feed machine scene (1)
Poultry feed machine scene (1)

Poultry feed machine related equipment:

1. Finished product inspection sieve: cleaning of powder before granulation.
2. To be granulated bin + buffer bucket.
3. Poultry feed pellet machine is the main equipment of Poultry feed making machine
4. Crusher: used for crushing of raw materials and crushing of returned materials.
5. Mixer: mixing and stirring of raw materials.
6. Classification sieve: to separate out the powder and unqualified particles in the finished product.
7. Packing machine: It is used to pack granular finished products, which is easy to sell.

Poultry feed machine related equipment
Poultry feed machine related equipment

The purpose of the Poultry feed machine:

A poultry feed machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to produce poultry feed. Poultry feed is the food of farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, and geese. Poultry feed-making machines can be used in various poultry farms, such as chicken farms, ducks Breeding plants, goose breeding plants, etc.

Poultry farm
Poultry farm

Why use a Poultry feed machine for granulation?

The purpose of pelleting is to make fine, dusty, unpalatable, and difficult to ship feeds into larger particles by using heat, moisture, and pressure. Pelleting can prevent feed components from being mixed, transported, and fed. Classification to preserve nutrition and reduce waste.


Poultry feed machine production materials:

Poultry feed machine raw materials refer to feeds derived from an animal, plant, microorganism, or mineral in feed processing. Feed ingredients include corn, wheat, wheat bran, rice bran, oil, soybeans, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, flax meal, fish meal, minerals, vitamins, additives, and other raw materials.

Poultry feed machine production materials
Poultry feed machine production materials

Advantages of feed pelleting compared to powder:

1. The feed conversion rate is increased by 10%, and the feed-to-meat ratio is increased.
2. Avoid picky eaters of poultry and achieve balanced nutrition.
3. Increase the density and reduce storage and transportation costs.
4. Good fluidity and convenient feeding.
5. Reduce the loss of feed caused by the feeding process, poultry food process, and the natural environment.
6. Effectively kill Salmonella in the feed to meet the requirements of green feed.

Poultry feed
Poultry feed

The prospect of investing in a Poultry feed machine to produce feed?

The poultry industry is the basic industry of animal husbandry. Poultry meat and eggs are the main sources of protein consumption for urban and rural residents. The development of the poultry industry is important for accelerating the construction of modern animal husbandry, promoting the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure, and improving the quality and standard of people’s lives, and Increasing farmers’ income is of great significance.
The feed industry, as an industry that connects planting, breeding, poultry product processing, consumption, and other comprehensive industries, is the material basis for the development of modern aquaculture. It not only effectively utilizes traditional agricultural resources, but also serves as the basis for human survival and development. Meat and eggs provide the material basis. The feed industry has an important influence on the development of poultry and animal husbandry and is an important means to develop the poultry and animal husbandry industry and realize the modernization and commercialization of the poultry and animal husbandry industry.

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