Poultry feed grinder machine price

Poultry feed grinder machine price

Capacity(t/h): 3-33
Power(kw): 55-315
Application: This series can crush the grains, wheat, beans, grain`s husk,bran,starch and some hard-to-crashed materials.

Introduction of poultry feed grinder machine price:

A poultry feed grinder machine is a very important part of the Poultry feed production line. How about the price of a poultry feed grinder? Let us introduce it.

poultry feed grinder machine (3)
poultry feed grinder machine (3)

The types of poultry feed grinder machines:

According to a different output, the poultry feed grinder machine has different forms, there are small output, low price hammer type crushers, and large output, secondary crushers. Suitable for different production lines. According to the different crushing methods, it is mainly divided into folding roller type, hammer type, and claw type.
An important step in feed production is mainly to pulverize various raw materials to very fine particle size for the next step of pelletizing. The applicable raw materials for the grinder mainly include plant raw materials such as straw and pasture, corn, bran, dried sweet potatoes, soybeans, and other grain raw materials, as well as additive materials such as a bone meal.

poultry feed grinder machine (1)

Here are two commonly used feed grinders:

1. Small Capacity Hammer Mill

The grinder has a simple structure and low cost can pulverize most of the raw materials needed for feed and is suitable for family or farm use.
The hammer-head crushing structure is adopted inside, and the feeding port is widened, which can put various materials. The discharge port adopts a high spray method. You can also add cyclone type to achieve natural discharge.
This machine has both electric and diesel engine models. For customers, it is convenient to choose and use in applications.

poultry feed grinder machine (5)
poultry feed grinder machine (5)

2. Large-scale secondary crushing feed grinder

The crushing chamber of the mill is in the shape of a waterdrop. This unique air coming way in the crushing room can avoid circumfluence.
Its crushing chamber is “U” type, which increased the output quantity. Also, the operation can realize quick-start, with a flexible screen. Convenient to change.
The bearing in it is imported, high quality to elongate the lifetime of the machine. Nylon coupling drives directly.
The discharge outlet is in the bottom of the grinder, it can match many kinds of feed equipment.
The machine can realize different crushing by adjusting it. It can do initial crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing. So it is with multi-function.
Besides feed application, it can also be used for aquatic products, etc.

poultry feed grinder machine (4)
poultry feed grinder machine (4)

The output of poultry feed grinder machine:

Different materials, different fineness, the output on the crusher is different.
The output of small feed machines from small to large is 100 kilograms per hour, 200-300 kilograms per hour, 300-500 kilograms per hour, 600-800 kilograms per hour, 1-1.5 tons per hour, 2-3 tons per hour, 4- 5 tons per hour.
The output of the large-scale feed mill is 1-5 tons per hour, 2-8 tons per hour, 4-12 per hour, 15-25 per hour, 20-30 per hour.
The grinding fineness of poultry feed grinder:

poultry feed grinder machine (2)

Choice of poultry feed grinder machine

1. According to the material
For grain-based feeds, you can choose hammer-flake feeds, bran-based feeds, or claw feeds. If there are both grains and straws, a tangential feed hammer mill can be used. If you crush shellfish, you can choose a screenless crusher.
2. According to the output, for different output, can select different grinding machines, also according to your budget.
3. According to the discharging method. The discharge method mainly has three types.
Natural dropping, sucking, negative pressure suction, and mechanical conveying.
negative pressure suction way has big advantages. The advantage is that it can absorb the moisture of the finished product, reduce the humidity in the finished product to facilitate storage, increase the crushing efficiency by 10% to 15%, and reduce the dust level of the crushing chamber.
4. According to energy saving

poultry feed grinder machine (7)
poultry feed grinder machine (7)

The particle size of poultry feed grinder machine:

The particle size of the feed grinder is adjustable. For those with a screen, the output particle size can be controlled by adjusting the hole size of the screen below. The range is generally 0.2-10mm. Of course, the fineness of the feed is also required. , Especially for straw, plant materials should pay attention to the particle size of the feed. Each machine can be equipped with different screens, which is convenient for customers to replace and adjust.

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