Livestock feed mixer

Livestock feed mixer

Mixing time:60-90s
Mixed yield (kg/ batch): 500-2000
Application:Suitable for all kinds of wet materials, biomass and other materials

Introduction of livestock feed mixer:

A livestock feed mixer is easy-to-use breeding equipment. It can mix roughage, concentrate, minerals, microorganisms, and other additives to provide nutrition for livestock. It is a major change in the way of livestock raising. Grain has the characteristics of a stable ratio of fine to coarse and the same nutrient concentration.

livestock feed mixer (1)
livestock feed mixer (1)

The application range of livestock feed mixer:

The livestock feed mixer can complete the chopping operation of fibrous feed such as forage grass, crop straw, silage, etc., and mix and stir evenly with the concentrate feed. The equipment is widely used and is suitable for feed mixing operations in agricultural and animal husbandry breeding areas, large and medium-sized feedlots, and standardized community feeding.

livestock feed mixer (2)
livestock feed mixer (2)

Structure of livestock feed mixer:

1. The mixing system of the livestock feed mixer makes the mixing uniform and can use the space of the material box.
2. The unloading box of the livestock feed mixer is easy to clean and does not leave any residual material.
3. The serrated double-sided blade of the livestock feed mixer is made of alloy, and the maintenance cost is low.
4. The bottom cavity and tank body of the livestock feed mixer are made of thickened steel plates, which can withstand long-term mixing without damage.
5. The top of the livestock feed mixer is equipped with a protective device to prevent the feed from overflowing.
6. The livestock feed mixer is equipped with a non-chain bilateral automatic unloading device, and can also be designed as a single side according to user requirements. It is worth mentioning that the unloading device is coated with a coating, which greatly increases the service life.
7. The side arm manipulator of the livestock feed mixer can easily and quickly grab the feed and concentrate.
8. The blade radian design of the livestock feed mixer has the function of cleaning up foreign objects, which protects the mixing system from being damaged.

livestock feed mixer (3)
livestock feed mixer (3)

The advantages of livestock feed mixer use:

1. The livestock feed mixer has high production efficiency
Through structural design and component optimization, the efficiency and mixing effect of the livestock feed mixer are greatly improved, the overall work efficiency of the equipment is significantly improved, and the operation can be completed in a short time.
2. The livestock feed mixer is easy to operate and flexible to use
The livestock feed mixer adopts an independent power unit design, and the independent control unit can realize the lifting and lowering of the discharge door, and the control of feeding and discharging is more flexible!
3. The livestock feed mixer has stable operation and long service life
The components of the livestock feed mixer are all mature technical components, the overall operation of the equipment is stable, the equipment safety factor is high, the equipment maintenance is simple, and the service life is long.

livestock feed mixer (4)
livestock feed mixer (4)

Livestock feed mixer maintenance:

1. Anti-rust

After the operation of the livestock feed mixer is completed, the external dirt must be removed, the feed and sundries in the working mechanism must be cleaned, and if necessary, washed with water or oil. Clean all lubricated parts and re-lubricate. All friction working surfaces, such as plowshares, moldboards, openers, shovels, etc., must be cleaned and then coated with oil and stickers to reduce the chance of oxidation in contact with air.
Complex and sophisticated equipment should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated room, and other simple equipment can be stored in the open air, but should be placed in a high, dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, and can be covered by a awning. The parts should be supported by wooden boards or bricks, and the protective paint that has fallen off should be repainted.

2. Anti-lost

For livestock feed mixers that have been parked for a long time, a registration card should be established to record in detail the technical status, accessories, spare parts, tools, etc. of the equipment. All kinds of equipment should be kept by special personnel. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the parts for other purposes. If there is no warehouse, the equipment should be parked outdoors. When the motor, transmission belt and other easily lost parts should be removed, marked and stored indoors.

3. Anti-corruption

Moldy wooden parts are decayed and deformed due to the action of microorganisms and rain, wind, and sunlight. The effective storage method is to paint the surface of the wood and place it in a dry place, not exposed to sunlight and rain. , Such products should not be placed in the open air, they should be removed, cleaned and dried, and stored in a dry indoor place that can prevent insects and rodents.

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