Livestock feed grinder

Productivity Livestock feed grinder for sale

Capacity(t/h): 2-45
Pellet size(mm): 37-220
Application: corn, sorghum, wheats, beans, cottonseed meal,canola,etc.It can do coarse grinding and fine grinding processes.

Scope of application of the livestock feed grinder:

The livestock feed grinder is mainly suitable for the pulverization of medium and low hardness materials and can grind granular concentrated feed such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, and cakes. It can also be used for pulping and powdering lump materials such as bright red, potatoes, kudzu root, cassava, or crushing pasture, dry weeds, sweet potato seedlings, peanut seedlings, corn stalks, bean straws, dry corn stalks, etc. into coarse fodder; application It is more ideal, effective and economical equipment for small and medium-sized pig farms, pig farmers and sideline processing households in rural areas. It is used as a fine powder processing in enterprises and institutions such as the chemical industry, medicine, dyes, coatings, pesticides, metallurgy, ceramics, food, non-metallic minerals, and scientific research, and has a wide range of uses.

Livestock feed grinder (3)
Livestock feed grinder (3)

Product Introduction of the livestock feed grinder:

The automatic feeding crusher is composed of an automatic crushing bin, a thunder knife, a crushing chamber, a rotor, a fan, and a powder collector. The automatic feeding is safe and reliable. It has a wide range of supporting power. It has high production efficiency, saves manpower, and reduces labor intensity. , Easy to use, low energy consumption, strong adaptability, and other advantages. The automatic feeding crusher is suitable for crushing corn stalks, corn cobs, cotton stalks, sunflower stalks, tobacco stalks, wheat stalks, bean straws, peanut seedlings, peanut shells, sweet potato seedlings, rice straw, korshinskii, various pastures, diameters below 2CM The outstanding advantage is that it does not require pre-processing and manual feeding when crushing straw and vine crops. Under the same power and manpower, the working efficiency of this machine is 2-3 times higher than other crushers.
Ventilation volume and terminal linear velocity of livestock feed mill: Compared with the production of livestock feed mill rotor ventilation hammer mill, the productivity and kilowatt-hour output of the livestock feed mill rotor ventilation hammer mill are improved as long as the ventilation volume is appropriate. Especially for small sieve holes (fine crushing), it is more beneficial for livestock feed mills to increase the ventilation of hammer mills to improve their working performance. Too fast or too large ventilation rate, although it is conducive to the entry of materials, but too much material entry will inevitably affect the crushing effect, and it is also easy to cause the occurrence of motor overheating. Zhang Yonghai (2000) pointed out: The air volume of the suction system can be selected according to the unit The time is calculated by the air volume per unit area of the screen surface of the crusher, generally 2300~2800m3/(h?m2) is appropriate.

Livestock feed grinder (5)
Livestock feed grinder (5)

Livestock feed grinder Product description:

In layman’s terms, the dust-removing feed shredder is the material fed from the top through the feeding mechanism matched with the machine. Under the action of the high-speed rotary hammer and the friction of the sieve plate, the material is gradually crushed, and the effect of centrifugal force Bottom, pass through the 2-50mm sieve and be lifted into the Shakelong by the fan and discharged from the Shakelong base outlet.

Livestock feed grinder (4)
Livestock feed grinder (4)

Livestock feed grinder application:

Household electric livestock feed crusher 800 type straw particle crusher is mainly suitable for crushing medium and low hardness materials. The use range of straw crushers is wide, not only for straw crushing, but also for straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, peanut husk, corn Core, branch crushing, medicinal material crushing, etc. are all used, and its wide range of uses has been widely adopted. The new equipment is more widely used, and it is an ideal choice for farmers and feed factories. It is the most ideal, effective, and economical equipment used in small and medium-sized pig farms in rural areas, professional pig raising households, and sideline processing households.

livestock feed grinder application
livestock feed grinder application

Livestock feed grinder performance characteristics:

1. It is also the best model for ecological agriculture and circular agriculture. Mechanical automatic feeding: convenient and quick operation, high production efficiency.
2. Stable work: drum type, continuous crushing, and dynamic balance treatment, safe and reliable.
3. The crushing of feed raw materials is a very important part of feed processing. It is durable: steel structure components, solid and reliable material selection, high-power self-aligning bearings, and long service life.
4. Low cost of use: low power; excellent material selection for the cutter, double-sided blade hammer, long life, and can be re-grinded repeatedly.
5. Easy to move: Trailer mobile crushers can be produced according to customer requirements, which is convenient for field production. A small pulverizer that is used alone without an electrical control box at the factory。

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