Grass pellet machine

Grass pellet machine/Grass pellet mill for sale

Capacity(kg/h): 700-800
Power: 22kw three-phase
Application: Raw materialsgrains powder,manure grass meal,alfalfa. straw meal,etc .

Introduction of Grass pellet machine equipment:

Grass pellet machine is also called Grass pellet mill and grass pellet making machine. It is a mechanical equipment that presses various grass materials into cylindrical feed pellets suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. It is a clean renewable energy equipment.

Grass pellet machine (1)
Grass pellet machine (1)

Grass pellet machine application:

Grass pellet making machine is used in pasture fuel plants, power plants, wood processing plants, etc. It is an ideal compression compacting molding equipment with small investment and quick return on costs. Grass pellet machine is divided into flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.

Grass pellet machine (5)
Grass pellet machine (5)

How does the grass pellet machine work?

After the forage is put into the machine, the forage will be stirred and squeezed during the process of pelleting, and it will become pellet feed after it comes out of the sieve. Forage grass not only contains various nutrients necessary for livestock, but also can maintain the crude fiber in forage that affects the health of livestock. This is grain and other feed can not replace. High-quality forage can fully meet the nutritional needs of ordinary livestock.

Grass pellet machine structure diagram
Grass pellet machine structure diagram

Prospect advantages of purchasing Grass pellet machine:

Grass pellet machine can be used to produce fodder. Pasture is one of the common fodder. The growth of forage grass is vigorous and can be harvested all year round, allowing the livestock to eat fresh feed. Many farmers choose pasture as feed, especially in winter, when animals have no other food sources. Pasture is their favorite. Green fodder. Therefore, the Grass pellet machine is an indispensable equipment for farmers, whether it is for domestic or commercial use.

Grass feed pellets
Grass feed pellets

Features of Grass pellet machine:

1. The Grass pellet machine has excellent equipment and sophisticated technology. This model has a variety of 1.5-20mm aperture mold, suitable for different materials granulation, to achieve good results.
2. The gear box is made of gray cast iron, which has low noise and good shock absorption.
3. The structural design of the traditional pellet machine has been changed. The shell has reinforced ribs and the thickness of the castings has been increased, thereby greatly enhancing the strength of the machine and reducing the cracking phenomenon of the shell of the pellet machine.
4. Grass pellet making machine saves time and labor, has low power and high output.
5. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, which works stably and consumes less energy.
6. The use of large-diameter press rollers, large output, high granulation rate, uniform granules, high granule strength, smooth surface, easy to store, helps sheep, pigs, etc. to absorb and reduce diseases.
7. Grass pellet mill has a small footprint, small investment, high return and high performance.
8. All bearings adopt a sealed structure, which effectively prevents dust from entering, improves the working environment of the bearing and prolongs the life of the bearing.

Grass pellet machine (2)
Grass pellet machine (2)

Advantages of using Grass pellet machine to pelletize grass:

Graining grass helps the health of livestock, reduces indigestion, and fully absorbs the nutrients in the pasture. Many breeders say that pigs and sheep are not good at eating feeds, are obviously malnourished, grow slowly, and most importantly, they often get sick. After the pasture is made into pellets, it is easier for livestock to absorb, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and enable the livestock to better absorb nutrients and achieve a balanced nutrition.

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