Goat feed making machine

Goat feed making machine/Goat feed pellet making machine

Power type:Electricity,diesel engine or petrol engine
Raw materials:comn meal,alfalfa,manure, straw meal,grass meal,sunflower meal,.nut meal,rice husk,wheat bran.

Goat feed making machine introduction:

A goat feed making machine is the equipment that can produce feed pellets. In the past, most of them were purchased by large-scale sheep farms. Now, many individual farmers have begun to use Goat feed making machine. However, there are still different opinions on whether the use of feed pellet machines in sheep farms is worthwhile. Today, the editor will tell you what benefits the Goat feed pellet making machine brings to sheep farms? What good changes will there be?

Goat feed making machine (2)
Goat feed making machine (2)

Advantages of using Goat feed making machine:

1. Labor-saving: artificially prepare the mixture to feed sheep, generally one worker can feed 28 goats. After feeding pellets, one worker can feed 36 goats, which can increase labor efficiency by 28.57% due to the saving of ingredient time.
2. Feed-saving: Sheep are fed powdered feed, which is easy to throw, and it is easy to make the sheep picky eaters. When the wind is blowing, the feed will fly and cause waste. The feed utilization rate is only 92%. After using the goat feed making machine, the sheep can’t be picky about feeding pellet feed instead. The feed utilization rate can reach 99% and improve the feed utilization rate by 7%.
3. Organic waste from agriculture and forestry, good palatability: After the feed is processed, it can increase the fragrance, stimulate the appetite of the goats, increase the feed intake, and improve the digestibility of the feed.
4. Promote the growth and development of sheep: Because the pellets processed by the Goat feed pellet making machine have a smooth surface, high hardness and deep maturation, sheep like to eat. Chewing is allowed, and the digestion and utilization rate is high, which promotes the growth and development of sheep.
5. Long storage time: The powdered feed itself contains about 15% water, and it is easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate and agglomerate. After powdered feed is processed into pellets, some of its moisture will be lost. The processed pellets have a moisture content of about 13%, which meets the requirements of the standard. Under good storage conditions, pellets can generally be stored for 3-4 months without deterioration. The feed is 2-3 months longer.

Goat feed making machine (3)
Goat feed making machine (3)

Goat feed making machine category:

Goat feed making machine is divided into multiple models and specifications, the smallest is 125, which can produce 60-80 kilograms per hour, and the 150 types, which can produce 90-150 kilograms per hour, and the 160 types, which can produce per hour. 150-200 kg, 210 types, 200-300 kg per hour, 230 types, 300-400 kg per hour, 260 types, 400-500 kg per hour, 300 types, per hour It can produce 700-800 kg, 400 types, 1000-1200 kg per hour. Small-scale breeding plants usually use 150 feed pellet machines, which is the most cost-effective.

Goat feed making machine (4)
Goat feed making machine (4)

There are many benefits of feeding sheep with pellet feed:

Sheep is a kind of ruminant, its digestive system is characterized by polygastric structure, and its digestion of food is characterized by long digestion process and long digestion time. If feeding powdered feed like pigs and chickens and other monogastric animals, it does not meet the characteristics of sheep, and it is not conducive to the digestion of feed by sheep, because powdered feed will shorten the process of digestion of food by sheep. Feeding sheep with pellet feed is an ideal choice because it meets the characteristics of long-term digestion by sheep. Pellet feed is a cylindrical feed formed by using a Goat feed making machine to press a mixed powder feed.

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