Feed mill equipment price in nigeria is usually determined according to the production scale, production variety and production process. Therefore, different feed mills often use different equipment. Generally speaking, the higher the output of the feed processing machine, the higher the price of the feed processing machine. Of course, this is under the same quality and selection of materials. The capacity span of Feed mill equipment is between 60Kg/h~1100Kg/h.

Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (1)
Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (1)

Feed mill equipment price in nigeria:

Feed mill equipment price in Nigeria needs to be determined according to the selected equipment, single pellet machine equipment is about several thousand yuan. If it is a Feed pellet production line, Quotes are between 20,000 and several million. The most critical factor affecting the price of the particle machine is the model of the particle machine (capacity), and the configuration of the particle machine. If you want to do a small feed processing plant, you can use a small feed pellet production line, which will be more efficient and automated. But if it is a family breeding self-employed, the output is generally not high, you can choose smaller pellet feed machine.

Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (4)
Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (4)

What you need to know about Feed mill equipment price in Nigeria:

1. What is the daily production capacity of Feed mill equipment?
2. To determine the feed processing and its degree of automation.
3. To determine the process flow of the feed processing machine

Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (3)
Feed mill equipment price in nigeria (3)

Feed mill equipment:

However, some basic equipment for feed processing is the same. According to the process flow, it generally includes raw material receiving and cleaning equipment, conveying equipment, crushing equipment, batching equipment, mixing equipment, granulation equipment, puffing equipment, liquid spraying equipment, ventilation and dust removal equipment. , packaging equipment and central control system.

The raw material receiving and cleaning equipment mainly includes weighbridge, primary cleaning screen and cylinder bin, etc.;
Commonly used conveying equipment are screw conveyors, bucket elevators, scraper conveyors, belt conveyors and pneumatic conveying equipment;
Crushing equipment includes magnetic separator, feeder, crusher, etc., of which there are many kinds of crusher, commonly used hammer and claw crusher and need to crush the micro crusher with finer particle size;
The batching equipment generally adopts electronic automatic batching scales; the types of mixers used are horizontal double-shaft (single-shaft) paddle mixers, horizontal screw mixers, vertical mixers and waist drum mixers for the production of premixes;
Granulating equipment includes steam boiler, quencher, granulating machine, cooling machine, grading screen and crusher, etc.
Extrusion equipment includes conditioner and extruder; liquid spraying equipment includes liquid storage tank, vacuum pump and flow meter;
Ventilation and dust removal equipment includes suction fan, brake kelon and dust collector, etc. Packaging equipment including packaging scale, sealing machine, etc.
The central control system is the “brain” of the entire processing process, where the control systems of various equipment are concentrated.

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