Feed extruder machine

Animal pet dog food extruder machine

Pellet size: 2-12mm
Application:Pet food extruder

Product description:

The puffing machine uses corn, bran, rice flour, secondary flour, animal scraps, etc. as raw materials. It can be puffed directly into the machine to produce different particles with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and fine structure, suitable for dogs, cats and fish. , birds, rabbits, shrimps, dogs, cats, minks, foxes and other different pet tastes.

The feed extruder adopts the pelletizing structure, adopts the knife shaft positioning spring and the cutting form, realizes the stepless speed change, and can cut the output material into the desired length products arbitrarily. The design is novel and unique, the structure is simple, easy to install, easy to dismantle and easy to disassemble, and easy to operate. The screw and screw are made of special wear-resistant high-temperature and high-humidity materials, which are first quenched and tempered and then formed by heat treatment, which has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life. Equipped with a unique pressurized die device to ensure the output and quality of feed; electric heating device to improve feed puffing rate, the main motor adopts high-quality Y series three-phase motor to ensure strong power; reducer cooperates with the main motor to ensure sufficient power. The granular extruded feed can float on the water surface for at least 12 hours without foaming. The material can effectively kill harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella through high temperature and high pressure, which ensures the hygiene of the feed, is conducive to protein denaturation absorption and starch gelatinization, and is easy for fish and livestock to absorb. Generally, the use of extruded floating fish feed saves 8%-15% of feed than powder or pellet feed. The production of cooked submerged aquatic products and livestock pellets can eliminate most of the toxins and anti-nutritional factors antitrypsin and urease contained in the materials, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals and improves the digestion and utilization of nutrients.

Feed extruder machine (1)
Feed extruder machine (1)


Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/kg) Feeding power(w) Cutting power(W) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
DGP40 5.5-7.5 40-50 400 400 310 1300*1100*1200
DGP50 7.5-11 80-100 400 400 330 1350*1100*1200
DGP60 15 120-150 400 400 360 1350*1100*1200
DGP70 18.5 180-200 400 400 410 1500*1360*1250
DGP80 22 200-240 400 400 460 1550*1450*1250
DGP90 30-37 250-300 600 600 1300 1800*1650*1500
DGP120 55 400-450 600 800 1500 1850*1700*1500
DGP135 75 500-550 800 1100 1900 2600*1950*1600
DGP160 90 1000-1200 1100 1500 3700 2900*2650*1800

Feed extruder machine (2)
Feed extruder machine (2)


1. The model design is novel, the structure is compact, and the production efficiency is high.
2. Reliable work, sturdy and durable, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance.
3. Simple and convenient to use, stable transmission and low noise.
4. The main components are made of special alloy materials through heat treatment, with long service life, 3-4 times higher than domestic similar machines, and low cost of feed production.
5. The dry puffing process adopts self-heating method without steam system, which is more in line with the actual needs of users.
6. The screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, and the screw groove can be cleaned by itself, so when changing the formula and product variety, there is no need to stop and clean it. Fast, product quality is relatively stable.
7. The screw discharge nozzle adopts modular design, which is easy to adjust and cheap.
8. Cutting system, independent cutting device is easy and fast to connect with the body, variable speed cutting head, can easily adjust the cutting knife, and can easily adjust the gap between the cutting knife and the template. The required material diameter and length can produce products of different specifications and material shapes.
9. No adhesive is needed to process the floating feed, and it can maintain stability in water for more than 2 hours.

Feed extruder machine(3)
Feed extruder machine(3)

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