Farm feed grinder

Farm feed grinder

Capacity(t/h): 3-25
Power (kw): 30-160
Application: Crushing Corn, Sorghum, Rice, Grain, Etc.

Farm feed grinder introduction:

Farm feed grinder, as its name implies, is crushing equipment used in farms. It is mainly used to crush various feeds and various coarse feeds. Farm feed grinder aims to increase the surface area of the feed, adjust the particle size, increase the surface area, enhance the palatability, and contact with the digestive liquid. It is helpful to improve the digestibility and better absorb the nutrients of the feed.

Farm feed grinder
Farm feed grinder

Farm feed grinder classification:

1. Roll crusher. It is a kind of machine that uses a pair of cylindrical grinding rollers which rotate relative to each other. It has the advantages of high productivity, low power, and convenient adjustment, and is mainly used in the wheat flour industry. In the feed processing industry, it is generally used for the first step of the second crushing operation.
2. Hammer feed crusher. It is a machine that uses a high-speed rotary hammer to break feed.
3. Claw feed crusher. It is a machine that uses high-speed rotating claws to crush feed. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight, fine product particle size, and high working speed.

Farm feed grinder (2)
Farm feed grinder (2)

Farm feed grinder crushing method:

Farm feed grinder has four main crushing methods: crushing, quality crushing, crushing, and sawing. In the process of beating, crushing mainly relies on high-speed moving parts, and the impact produces crushing; mass crushing uses the hard surface of the tooth grooves of two discs to be crushed after grinding and grinding; crushing passes through two smooth surface pressure rollers, Rotate relatively at the same speed to smash the feed; saw shredding uses two grinding rollers with teeth on the surface but at different speeds to smash the material.

powdered feed
powdered feed

How to increase the output of Farm feed grinders?

1. Increased farm feed grinder speed: Generally speaking, the higher the speed, the larger the mechanical size and the greater the power consumption; the larger the crushing ratio, the rapid increase in output. The size of the crushed material is small, the crushing amount is high, and the speed is fast.
2. Before entering the Farm feed grinder, the more fine powder contained in the material, the greater the impact of crushing. Because this fine powder is easy to adhere to, affects the delivery. Therefore, for materials with a high content of fine powder, screening should be carried out in advance, and fine powder should be screened out from the material as much as possible to improve the normal operation of the Farm feed grinder.
3. The harder the material, the greater the compressive strength, the more difficult it is to break, the poorer the breakability, and the lower the production capacity of the Farm feed grinder. On the contrary, it is very high.
4. Keep the broken materials dry. If the material contains a large amount of water, the material is easy to adhere to the Farm feed grinder, and it is also easy to block during the conveying process, resulting in reduced crushing capacity.
5. The material with high viscosity should be cleaned up in time. The more viscous the material, the easier it sticks. The material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber. If not cleaned in time, it can affect the efficiency of the Farm Feed Grinder. Therefore, the comminution machine cavity should be cleaned in time.
6. The better the wear resistance of the fixed knife of the farm feed grinder, the greater the grinding ability. Frequent testing of the sharpness of the movable knife and the fixed knife will greatly increase the production capacity of the powerful Farm feed grinder.

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