Chicken feed pellet machine

Chicken feed pellet machine/Chicken feed making machine for sale

Capacity(t/h): 0.5-30
Pellet size(mm): 2-12
Application: Can be used for poultry,livestock,ruminants and aquatic pellet feed production.

Chicken feed pellet machine introduction:

Chicken feed pellet machine is also called Chicken feed making machine and Chicken feed pellet making machine. It is a feed processing machine that uses crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, etc., to be mixed according to a certain proportion of ingredients and then directly compressed into pellets.

Chicken feed pellet machine (1)
Chicken feed pellet machine (1)

Capacity selection of chicken feed pellet machine:

Nowadays, more and more farmers use Chicken feed making machine to produce their own feed. Some farmers think that they choose pellet machine equipment to process feed independently instead of full-price feed. It saves costs, and the self-made feed is safer and worry-free. At present, there are mainly small farmers, large farmers and fertilizer processing plants who buy the Chicken feed pellet machine. The equipment options are as follows:
1. There are not many poultry raised by individual family farmers. A single-phase small chicken feed pellet machine can be fully satisfied. The equipment can produce 60-100 kg of feed per hour.
2. If the scale of the farm is relatively large, the farmer can choose a ring die pellet machine with a relatively large output.
3. For those users who want to invest in setting up factories, a complete chicken feed pellet machine processing equipment is indispensable. It can produce more than one ton of feed per hour.

Chicken feed pellet machine (5)
Chicken feed pellet machine (5)

Why use Chicken feed pellet machine?

Chicken feed pellet machine can be used to press chicken feed into pellets, which can effectively reduce the investment of farmers, and can also make chickens fatten quickly.

Chicken feed pellet machine (2)
Chicken feed pellet machine (2)

Chicken feed pellet machine use advantages:

Chicken feed pellet machine equipment is a feed processing equipment specially designed for small farms and individual household farmers. The pellets made by this chicken feed pellet making machine basically do not need to add water, and belong to dry in and dry out. The compressed feed pellets can be stored for about half a year, which is helpful for farmers to store the feed pellets needed by the animals before the winter. The high temperature generated by the chicken feed pellet making machine in the working process can sterilize the feed without affecting the quality of the feed.

Chicken feed pellet machine (3)
Chicken feed pellet machine (3)

Chicken feed pellet machine maintenance:

1. Check the parts regularly, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubrication block, bearings and other moving parts are flexible and wear, and repair the defects in time, not forced use.
2. The Chicken feed pellet machine should be placed in a dry and clean room, and not in places containing acids and other corrosive gases in the atmosphere.
3. After the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be removed for cleaning and brushing the remaining powder in the bucket, and then installed to prepare for the next use.
4. If the pellet making machine is out of use for a long time, the whole body of the machine must be wiped clean, and the smooth surface of the part must be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with cloth.

Chicken feed pellet machine (4)
Chicken feed pellet machine (4)

Chicken feed making machine for sale:

We are a professional manufacturer of feed pellet machine equipment. The chicken feed making machine sold is mainly divided into flat die and ring die pelletizing. How to choose depends on the output required by the user, the feed composition and whether there is steam equipment.

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