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Capacity(t/h): 3-33
Power(kw): 55-315
Application: This series can crush the grains, wheat, beans, grain`s husk,bran,starch and some hard-to-crashed materials.

Introduction of the Chicken feed grinder:

Chicken feed grinder uses drop hammer grinder, direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer-screen gap, and can be used for coarse and fine crushing by changing the gap. The crushing chamber has two-shot technology; the feeder of the machine is equipped with a self-removing iron device; the finished product is crushed The particle size is finer and more uniform, ¢3mm screen can reach ordinary crushing ¢2mm screen fineness; imported SKF high-quality bearings are used, with low operating temperature; the screen adopts staggered perforated screens, and the discharge is smooth; quick-opening door opening mechanism And elastic screen press mechanism, easy to operate and maintain. Simple structure stability Uniform granularity of finished products Low vibration high production

Chicken feed grinder (3)
Chicken feed grinder (3)

A detailed description of the chicken feed grinder:

The crushing chamber is of true water drop shape and the air inlet method avoids the circulation phenomenon in the crushing process; the bottom of the crushing chamber is set up with a “U”-shaped secondary strike groove, which greatly increases the output. It is convenient to repair and replace the sieve.
Imported SKF bearings are used to ensure the service life; the nylon rod coupling is directly driven to compensate for large displacements and effectively avoid bearing heating.
The rotor is checked for dynamic balance; to ensure a more balanced operation, lower noise, and better performance
Through adjustment, coarse crushing, fine crushing, and fine crushing can be realized, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.
The feed port is on the top of the crusher, which can be matched with various types of feeding mechanisms
The size of the finished material can be adjusted according to the number of replacement screens and hammers. Different raw materials and finished materials have different outputs.

Chicken feed grinder (4)
Chicken feed grinder (4)

Application of the chicken feed grinder:

It is mainly used for crushing raw materials in the fermentation and feed industries. It is also suitable for crushing various coarse and fine raw materials in starch factories, urban and rural pig farms, chicken farms, and feed professionals. Such as corn, bean cakes, sorghum, soybeans, shellfish, and stems. This machine is an ideal raw material crushing equipment for fermentation, feed, starch, food, and chemical processing industries.
● The integral steel plate structure and the bearing seat surface are integrated planning to ensure the stability and reliability of the rotor installation.
● Rotor: The multi-blade arrangement is adopted to fully improve the sieving capacity after crushing the raw material and increase the processing capacity of the crusher. Strictly check the dynamic balance before installing the rotor.
● Operation door: flat hinge mechanism is adopted, which is convenient and trouble-free to replace the sieve and hammer. The sealing strip is pasted on the side of the door frame, which has good air tightness and does not leak powder
The chicken feed grinder is also a type of grinder. In practice, there are many demands for their use. With their use, the crushing operation of feed products will be more smooth. These are all It can be seen very well from actual use. Feed crushing can increase the surface area of the feed and adjust the particle size, which will also make the digestibility of the feed higher, and thus can better absorb the nutrients inside the feed.
There are also many types of equipment with excellent performance, such as water drop crushers. There are also many models of hammer-type design. In the process of use, they can be determined according to actual needs, precisely because of their model types. More so, it will be able to bring a lot of advantages for actual use.

Chicken feed grinder (5)
Chicken feed grinder (5)

Why choose our chicken feed grinder?

1. The crushing chamber of the water-drop type crusher is truly water-drop-shaped, and adopts a special air inlet form to ensure that there will be no circulation problems during the crushing process; the bottom of the crushing chamber has a “U”-shaped repetitive strike groove, which greatly increases the output; Open the quick-opening operating door, elastic screen pressing mechanism, convenient for maintenance and replacement of screens.
2. Imported “NSK” bearings are used to ensure the life of the product; the nylon rod coupling is directly driven, with large compensation displacement, and effectively avoids the problem of bearing overheating.
3. The rotor has passed accurate dynamic balance inspection to ensure stable operation, effective noise reduction, and superior product performance.
4. Since the feed port is on the top of the crusher, it can be used with different types of feeding mechanisms.
5. After adjustment and control, coarse crushing, fine crushing, and fine crushing can be realized for diversified use.
6. It is suitable for the processing of high-end livestock and poultry feed and aquatic feed, and can also be used in the production line of alcohol factories.
7. The thickness of the grinder exceeds the standard of feed machinery by 2mm;
The weight is 20% heavier than other suppliers’ feed machinery.
20% increase in output;
The feed rate of return increased by 3-5%.

Chicken feed grinder (2)
Chicken feed grinder (2)

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