Cow feed making machine

Cow feed making machine/Cattle feed making machine price

Capacity(t/h): 0.5-30
Pellet size(mm): 2-12
Application:Cattle Feed Industry

Introduction of Cattle feed making machine:

Cattle feed making machine is also called Cow feed making machine, Cattle feed machine. As the name implies, it is a machine that produces cattle feed.
Cow feed making machine


Cattle feed making machine equipment:

Cow feed making machine processes generally include granulating, cooling, crushing, packaging, and other equipment, and some also need to be equipped with a feeder. The above equipment selection principles are as follows:
1. There are generally two types of pellet mills: flat die and ring die. The flat die pellet mill is more suitable for the pelleting of coarse feed. It is used in small farms and individual farmers’ feed processing plants. When choosing the model, the machine structure should be designed. The rationality, ease of operation, output size, granulation effect, and selection of pellet machine accessories are considered. To
2. The cooler is to keep the product better stored after pelleting, and it is also indispensable process in the feed processing process. To
3. Pulverizer equipment is an indispensable process before material granulation, which can save power consumption, improve the digestion and absorption rate of livestock, and better absorb feed nutrients. Generally, hammer mills are used. To
4. In addition, it should be noted whether the pellet machine parts are alloy steel and whether the machine performance is. These details will affect the pelletizing effect and work efficiency, which cannot be ignored and must be understood.

Cattle feed making machine
Cattle feed making machine

Cattle feed making machine production materials:

Cattle is a ruminant animal. Therefore, under modern breeding conditions, the food structure of cattle is generally based on two kinds of forage and concentrated feed (corn, wheat, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, etc.), which are appropriately matched with other roughage. Forages are generally based on fresh grass, hay, and tree stems and leaves. Common coarse materials include distiller grains and bean curd residue. For specific details, please refer to the article What raw materials are used for cattle feed.

Cattle feed making machine production materials
Cattle feed making machine production materials

Purpose of Cattle feed making machine:

Cattle feed making machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only in cattle farms but also in feed production in sheep farms, horse farms, etc.

Purpose of Cattle feed making machine
Purpose of Cattle feed making machine

Advantages of using Cattle feed making machine to produce feed:

1. The granular concentrated feed is small in size, which is conducive to transportation and can reduce transportation costs;
2. During the pressing process, the structure of some substances in the feed has changed, which improves the utilization of some nutrients in the feed;
3. Increase feed intake and eliminate the faults of cattle picky feed.
4. Improve the digestibility and conversion rate of feed, and increase the rate of weight gain.
4. The granular concentrated feed is convenient for packaging and storage;
5. The granular concentrate reduces the infection of toxic and harmful bacteria;
6. The granular concentrated feed guarantees the high quality of feed products to a greater extent;
7. It is convenient to add trace elements, vitamins, health care agents, and antioxidants in the feed;
8. Reduce the pollution of dust to the environment.

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