Animal feed pellet machine

Animal feed pellet machine/Feed pellet mill

Capacity(t/h): 0.5-30
Pellet size(mm): 2-12
Application:Can be used for poultry,livestock,ruminants and aquatic pellet feed production.

Animal feed pellet machine introduction:

Animal feed pellet machine is also called feed pellet mill, animal feed pellet mill, animal feed pellet making machine, pellet maker for feed, animal pellet machine. It is mechanical equipment used to process and manufacture feed pellets.

Animal feed pellet machine (2)
Animal feed pellet machine (2)

Working principle of animal feed pellet machine:

Based on the principle of circular motion, the template and pressure roller are made of high-quality alloy steel after special treatment. The spindle and flat mold drive the pressure roller to rotate under the action of friction. The material is gelatinized at high temperatures between the pressure roller and the template, and the protein is solidified and denatured. The pressure roller is squeezed and discharged from the die hole, and the produced particles are sent out of the machine through the spinning plate, and the length of the particles can be adjusted through the incision.
There is no need to add water or dry during the granulation process. After the natural temperature rises to about 70 degrees, the starch can be gelatinized, the inside of the granule is deepened, the surface is smooth, the hardness is high, and it can be stored for a long time. It is suitable for raising rabbits, fish, and chickens. , Pig, sheep, cattle professional households, and small and medium-sized feed processing plants are ideal equipment for reducing breeding costs and improving economic efficiency. The preferred model.

Animal feed pellet machine (3)
Animal feed pellet machine (3)

Animal feed pellet machine application:

Animal feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, food and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing factories.

Animal feed pellet machine application
Animal feed pellet machine application

Animal feed pellet machine features:

Granulated finished product, complete nutrition

The advantage of Feed pellet mill is that it can convert a large amount of agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, rice husk, soybean meal, corn cob, peanut shell, tree bark can be recycled as treasures. The pellet feed processed by the animal feed pellet machine using these agricultural and forestry wastes has a certain degree of hardness. When the animal chews, it will increase the digestion and peristalsis of the stomach, and the nutrition of various wastes will be more comprehensive after the feed pellets are processed, which can effectively prevent Poultry and livestock are picky eaters to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients.

Increase in feed intake and double revenue

During the pelleting process of animal feed pellet mill, the pellets produced have good palatability, which promotes the increase of the feed intake of poultry and livestock, and the efficiency of feed. Also during pelleting, high temperature can effectively kill some bacteria and promote poultry. The transformation of mold in the animal body improves the immunity of the animal.

Protect the environment, environmental protection and energy saving

We all know that in the autumn harvest period, a large amount of straw waste cannot be processed, and the burning of straw becomes one of the main killers of destroying the natural environment. In recent years, the state has issued some policies to control the waste and burning of straw, but the control is very difficult and the work is difficult to carry out. The animal feed pellet making machine is used for processing to solidify the straw into pellets, which saves energy and reduces environmental pollution.

Save time and labor

The use of Pellet maker for feed will also save farmers a lot of money. For example, in the selection of sheep feed, if an artificial needs to feed 28 goats, the animal pellet machine is used for pelleting and feeding, which saves the batching time. One worker can increase the efficiency to feed 36 goats. For feed pellets, sheep feed more powdered materials, but the powdered material will cause 70% of the feed materials to be wasted due to wind blowing or the sheep’s picky eating, and the use of Animal feed pellet machine pelleting can greatly solve this problem. After changing to feeding sheep feed pellets, the sheep will not be picky eaters, and the phenomenon of powdery materials flying in the wind will no longer occur, which improves the feed utilization rate.

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