Animal feed making machine price

Animal feed making machine price

Capacity(t/h): 3-10
Power (kw): 160-315
Application: Suitable for all kinds of animal feed production.

Animal feed making machine introduction:

Animal feed making machine is an Animal feed production line composed of crushers, mixers, granulators, coolers, grading screens and other equipment. The production scale is large, the labor productivity is high, and the output value creates high value. It is a form of feed processing and production organization with high labor efficiency.

Animal feed making machine price (1)
Animal feed making machine price (1)

Animal feed making machine process:

The technological process of the animal feed production line is: raw material crushing → mixing and mixing → conveying → extrusion granulation → conveying → cooling → screening → packaging
Equipment configuration: feeding machine → grinder → mixer → feed pellet machine → cooler → screening machine → packaging machine
The above animal feed making machine technology and equipment are the most basic feed production equipment.

Animal feed making machine price (2)
Animal feed making machine price (2)

Animal feed making machine equipment:

1. Pulverizer-Pulverizer is an important equipment for raw material crushing and processing. The pulverizer can grind the raw materials into the required size. If you manage a large-scale feed pelletizing plant, the drop-type grinder is the ideal choice.
2. Mixer-Mixer is one of the processing equipment in the Animal feed production line. Proper mixing will increase the uniformity of the diet and improve the quality of the feed. We offer two types of mixers: biaxial mixers for granular materials and spiral ribbon mixers for powder materials. They are equipped with an atomizing spray system, which can add the required liquid to improve the quality of feed pellets.
3. Pellet machine-Feed pellet machine is the key equipment of Animal feed making machine. SZLH model, Ring die pellet mill, gear drive, widely used in the production of large-volume feed pellets
4. Cooler-After the pellets come out of the pellet machine, the temperature is high and the moisture is large, so a cooler is needed for cooling.
5. Pelletizer-Because different animals (such as poultry, cattle and pigs) require different feed pellet sizes. Therefore, some large feed pellets need to be crushed into small pellets.
6. Rotary grading screen is used to screen and classify feed particles. After this process, you can obtain qualified feed pellets without powder.
7. Packaging-For packaging storage, transportation and sales, the automatic packaging machine can weigh and pack feed pellets with high precision.

Animal feed making machine price (3)
Animal feed making machine price (3)

Animal feed making machine features:

1. The reducer of the main conveying equipment of Animal feed making machine usually adopts hardened gear reducer, no transmission chain, safe and reliable, durable, independently developed in China, and well received by foreign users.
2. The Animal feed making machine is conventionally equipped with two feed grinders, which specialize in fine feed crushing and effectively reduce energy consumption.
3. The Animal feed production line process adopts the processing procedure of pulverizing first and then ingredients. The batching system is automatically controlled by the computer throughout the process. The intermittent mixing process of the horizontal feed mixer is adopted. The cycle is short and the feed production efficiency is improved.
4. The production line is equipped with workshop dust removal equipment at each dust removal point to do a good job of dust treatment, and the workshop processing environment is effectively improved. In addition, a negative pressure dust removal system is designed in the batching warehouse in this set of processes to ensure that the entire production line even works It can be in a negative pressure state to avoid dust spilling out of the Animal feed production line.
5. During production, only relevant operators are provided for feeding, grease addition, central control room, granulation, and packaging, and the rest are all unmanned.
6. Set up a small material re-inspection scale to display the weighing of the scale hopper to fully guarantee the quality of feed products.
7. The whole process of Animal feed production line adopts simulation screen to manually start and stop the equipment and PLC computer to start and stop the equipment, that is, the central control room can operate the computer mouse to start and stop the equipment.

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