Animal feed grinder

Animal feed grinder

Capacity(t/h): 1-5
Power(kw): 18-45
Application: Mainly used for crushing various feeds and various roughages.

Introduction of Animal feed grinder:

It is recommended that the Hammer Animal feed grinder is also called the multi-function steel plate mill. The Hammer Animal feed grinder is composed of several parts, such as the material holding slide, the crushing chamber, and the conveying device. There is a rotor in the crushing chamber, and the rotor is composed of a disc and a movable hammer. The sieve and tooth plate are also the main working parts of the pulverizer. During work, the processed material enters the crushing chamber from the material-receiving slide, and is repeatedly impacted, rubbed, and collided on the toothed plate by the high-speed rotating hammer, so that it is gradually crushed to the required particle size and leaks out through the sieve holes. The leaked feed is sent to the aggregate barrel through the conveying fan and the feeding pipe and then separated into the aggregate barrel. The powder is discharged from the bottom and bagged, and the air is discharged from the top.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (2)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (2)

Animal feed grinder use:

An animal feed grinder is a kind of equipment required by the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific research, metallurgical, and other industrial sectors to filter starch-containing materials or ores through high-speed shearing and hammering under the drive of a strong airflow and stainless steel screens. Powder, the equipment is equipped with a dust collector, no powder pollution, low temperature, low noise, high efficiency, suitable for crushing chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicines, and other dry and brittle materials. Next, Xiaobian will give you an in-depth explanation of the relevant content of the Hammer Animal feed grinder, including the working principle of the Hammer Animal feed grinder, classification, instructions for use, use and scope of application, main structural components, installation, and debugging, and precautions for use issues, maintenance and selection tips.

Animal feed grinder use
Animal feed grinder use

Working principle of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

This machine adopts the impact crushing method, using the relative movement of the internal six movable hammers running at high speed and the surrounding fixed gear rings so that the materials are crushed by the hammer teeth colliding, rubbing, and impacting each other. The crushed material is subjected to the action of rotating centrifugal force and then enters the collection bag after being screened through the sieve hole.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (1)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (1)

Classification of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. According to the feeding method, the Hammer Animal feed grinder can be divided into:

1. Tangential – the feed is fed from the tangential direction of the crushing chamber, and its versatility is good, not only crushing grains but also crushing small pieces of bean cake, chopped stalks, and forages;
2. Axial – the feed enters the crushing chamber from the direction of the main shaft, which is suitable for crushing grains, but after the slices are installed at the feeding inlet, it can crush grass, stems, etc.;
3. Meridian direction – the feed enters the crushing chamber from the top of the rotor, the rotor can be used forward and reverse, and the hammer can be replaced twice less, which is mainly suitable for processing concentrated feed.

2. According to the sieve, it can be divided into the following categories:

1. Half screen type;
2. Full-screen type;
The above two types are also known as annular chamber pulverizers. This type of machine has the problem of low pulverization efficiency and high power consumption. Because the pulverizer rotates at a high speed, the pulverized material rotates around the pulverizing chamber, forming the airflow and the material belonging to the environmental layer and the circulating layer. The formation of centrifugal force is caused by centrifugal force so that the particles with large mass stay away from the center of rotation and close to the screen surface, the particles with small mass are on it, and the smallest ones are away from the rotation, which causes the feed with large mass to block the sieve holes and prevent the crushed feed from being discharged in time. , the powder is repeatedly pulverized, and the result is that the queuing efficiency of the powder is lower than the pulverization efficiency, and it is useless. In order to solve this problem, the following types are used:
3. Waterdrop screen type;
4. Eccentric type;
5. No screen or side screen;
The above three can destroy the environmental layer, which is conducive to combating and discharging powder.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (5)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (5)

Hammer Crusher Instructions:

1. Repair and replacement of screen mesh

The screen is made of a thin steel plate or iron sheet punching. When the screen is worn or broken by foreign objects, if the damaged area is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the damage is large, the screen should be replaced with a new one. . When installing the screen, the burr side of the screen hole should be facing inward, and the smooth side should be facing outward. The screen and the screen frame should be closely attached. When the ring screen is installed, the overlapped inner layer should follow the direction of rotation. To prevent the material from getting stuck at the lap joint;

2. Lubrication and replacement of bearings

After every 300 hours of operation, the bearing should be cleaned. If the bearing is lubricated by oil, it is advisable to fill 1/3 of the bearing seat gap when adding new oil, and no more than 1/2 at most. The cover can be tightened a little. When the bearing of the crusher is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and attention should be paid to strengthening lubrication. If the tapered roller bearing is used, the axial spacing of the bearing should be checked to keep it at 0.2-0.4 mm;

3. Replacement of claws and hammers

Among the crushing parts, the crushing claws and hammers are the vulnerable parts in the feed mill, and they are also the main components that affect the crushing quality and productivity. The crushing claws and hammers should be replaced in time after they are worn. When replacing the claws of the claw crusher, the disc should be pulled out first. Before pulling out, first open the round nut locking piece on the back of the disc, unscrew the round nut with a hook wrench, and then pull out the disc with a special puller. In order to ensure the balance of rotor operation, attention should be paid to complete replacement when changing teeth. After changing, a static balance test should be performed to make the crusher work stably. When assembling the claws, be sure to tighten the nut, and be careful not to miss the spring washer. Qualified parts should be selected, and the weight difference of a single tooth should not be greater than 1.0-1.5 grams.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (4)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (4)

Purpose and scope of application of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. Dry feed: it can crush chaff, glutinous rice, belly valley, potato vine, peanut vine, straw, corn stalk, bean straw, etc.;
2. Grain milling: rice, sweet potatoes, beans, wheat, jade, potatoes, etc., can be used as equipment for milling machines;
3. Oil processing: cocoa powder tea seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, tung kernels, cotton seeds, etc., are the accessories of the oil press;
4. Others: It can be used for crushing Chinese grass (including gypsum), saddle grass, oak seeds, and other brewing materials, crushing paper (including recycled cement bags) and other construction materials, crushing wood chips, bamboo chips, bamboo chips, and other biological materials, crushing sulfur powder It is a high-efficiency and multi-purpose crushing machine.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (3)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (3)

Main structural components of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. This machine is composed of a feeding shaker, upper and lower body, rotor disc, sieve, fan, conveying pipe, powder outlet pipe, and other parts;
2. The main pulverizing parts are: hammer, tooth plate, sieve, etc. The pulverized raw materials are quickly pulverized by a high-speed hammer and rubbing in the pulverizing chamber.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (6)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (6)

Installation and debugging of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. The crusher should be installed on a cement base and a steel frame during fixed operation, and can be installed on a steel base or a wooden base during mobile operation;
2. The pulverizer should select the power machine according to the specified supporting power, and ensure it’s rated working speed, which is strictly prohibited.

Precautions for the use of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. The fineness of crushing is determined by the aperture size of the sieve. This kind of pulverizer is equipped with sieves with various apertures, which can be selected according to requirements;
2. The pulverizing rotor is a high-speed rotating part, and the hammer and other parts must be fixed firmly; during the work, it is necessary to prevent metal, stones, and other hard objects from entering the machine to avoid damage accidents;
3. The hammer is a wearing part, and its wear condition should be checked frequently; when the corner of the hammer is worn to no edges, it can be turned over or turned around for use, but the installation positions of the hammers cannot be replaced with each other, nor can they be replaced with new ones, so as not to affect the rotor balance.

Hammer Animal feed grinder (1)
Hammer Animal feed grinder (1)

Repair and maintenance of Hammer Animal feed grinder:

1. Regularly check the bearings and replace the high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Always check the wearing parts, and replace them in time if there is serious wear;
2. When the machine is in use, if it is found that the spindle speed gradually decreases, the motor must be adjusted downward, so that the machine can reach the specified speed. If an abnormality is found, it should be stopped for inspection. When starting the machine, it is strictly forbidden for metal materials to flow into the machine, such as iron nails, iron blocks, etc., After the work is over, the residual materials in each part of the machine must be cleaned, and the machine must be cleaned for a long time out of use and covered with a tarp.

Hammer Animal feed grinder Selection Tips:

1. First, select a series of pulverizers that match the line speed of the hammer according to the thickness required by the product; if the line speed of the hammer does not match, the working efficiency of the pulverizer will be reduced, and even the pulverizer will not work properly. If the line speed is slow, the crushing time will be long, and the materials will accumulate in the crushing chamber, resulting in a paste screen, reducing the screening efficiency and screening effect, increasing the resistance of the hammer movement, and causing the pulverizer to work abnormally; if the line speed is too fast, it will cause crushing. Uneven particle size and wasted power consumption;
2. Select the pulverizer according to the output required by the production scale: the size of the pulverizer model determines the size of the output. According to the configuration of the pulverizing process, the output of the selected pulverizer should be greater than 10% of the designed output.
The above is the working principle, classification, instructions for use, application and scope of application, main structural components, installation and debugging, precautions for use, maintenance, and selection skills of the Hammer Animal feed grinder introduced by Xiaobian. Hammer Animal feed grinder is the most widely used type of mill at present. It has a high amount of electricity and good versatility. Some hammers are connected to the rotor. After the metal foreign matter enters the mill, it only breaks the screen, not the sieve. Major accidents will occur, but the particle size of the pulverized material is uneven and there are many powders.

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